In Bandera

Low bp yesterday kept me in the coach.
It’s a shame as it was Saturday, and most things in a tourist town happen on the weekends.
We could hear the guns at the shootout in downtown.

Dave went out briefly to see an auto show. But they were already closing up shop. So he washed the jeep and went to the grocery store for us.
back home, He made us dinner, brats and potato salad and I had icecream for dessert. 🙂

Watched a bit of TV and I was off to bed.

Better day today (bp normal) but I haven’t gotten out of my robe. 🙂
Mostly putting in odds and ends on this blog.
Hopefully I’ll get some balloon fest pictures in soon.
We are binge watching Ice Road truckers today 😉
Haven’t watched TV this whole trip.

Val Verde winery

val verde winery
val verde wineryOldest winery in Texas. It was surprising, located in a neighborhood.

Dolly tried their port, pronounced it most excellent – got one for her and one for Vince. We couldn’t be traveling without his help checking on the house.


Elaine got a couple bottles of a white, Muscat seco. Good crisp, tastes of pear, not too sweet.




So there is a little place on the Rio Grande, where we can get on a boat to go across to Mexico. Take a burro ride into town. And have a cerveza.
I can’t wait to see my mother in law on a burro.
Go donkey go.


Well we drove to the new crossing. And there’s no way I could do it anyway. Used to you drove to the rivers edge. Now you have to walk through a govt building and gate and down a trail.

They took away the romance.
As governments are prone to do. 😉

Too late in the day.
And low bp. So no ride for me. But look up Boquillas del Carmen. It would be fun.

Carlsbad caverns

Carlsbad caverns this morning.

Carlsbad Caverns NM


The whole time in Carlsbad caverns I’m thinking: home, this is my home as Gollum. Cool, dark, All sorts of hiding places. And big enough for the whole of middle earth.

It is magical even without weirdness going on in your head. Go see if you can.