So I couldn’t sleep last night thinking up earrings.
kites, I could lash together toothpicks…
hot air balloons, tiny baskets.
a moon with a cow jumping over it, but not two so the other would be a streamer of stars

Little cuckoo clocks. like from a dollhouse. With two I could set one at local time, one at gmt…
Oh dear. Those are a signature piece.
Dolly is quite cuckoo in her own right.


So at dinner I found myself wondering how I could make earrings out of the potato chips.
Obsessive? Moi?


Potato chips have such neat shapes you know. All different and the same. An oval flexed then torqued. There’s probably a name for that shape.

I could make it with a bit of wire and some silk.

I was thinking of light weight things. Just thought of – Popcorn. Maybe for Christmas I’ll string popcorn from ear to ear.

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