Carlsbad caverns

Carlsbad caverns this morning.

Carlsbad Caverns NM


The whole time in Carlsbad caverns I’m thinking: home, this is my home as Gollum. Cool, dark, All sorts of hiding places. And big enough for the whole of middle earth.

It is magical even without weirdness going on in your head. Go see if you can.

New Mexico

Awake. So I’m talking trash while everyone else sleeps. 😉

We are in New Mexico in a small rv campground. There’s maybe 30 spaces.
Two couples we’ve known forever are also here in their rvs. And then there are about a half dozen other couples here whom we’ve camped with before.

So it’s often like a block party.

There is a square pavilion with tables and chairs and a couple of swings. And a big coffee pot on a timer that turns on at 6:30 in the morning. Making the pavillion a coffee shop. So Dave gets up early for that. People come and go all day. Just enjoying each other. And once a week a potluck dinner.

It’s great because Dave is Mr gregarious and now knows everyone in the park. When someone asks me where Dave is I say oh he’s in “the box” (the pavilion).

Many days a group heads out in their cars exploring the area. Lots of sights and little towns and good food. We stop together and descend on a town like locusts. Everyone going different directions, art galleries, antiques, ice cream. And meet together somewhere for lunch.

It’s a completely different experience for us. We’ve never stayed anywhere for more than a few days. And were here in the same campground for a month.

It’s all is sort of like an inexpensive cruise ship in that we are in our own cabin with our own stuff. And have new and old friends to be with wherever we go.

Meanwhile New Mexico is glorious country. The campground is in a valley with big sky and a lake. Mountains in all directions.

NM evening

Eagle Nest NM.
Here for July

I had a good day. Got to play on a computer to make it happy. And this evening 5 of us in the coach after dinner. Everyone was talking about favorite meals, and comfort food we had as kids. Stuff we don’t have very often these days. I said we are like starved POWs daydreaming about food.

We do it to ourselves. We are our own jailers.

It is going to be in the 40s tonight. All snuggled in here. Rest well all.