May 18 Point Pleasant Beach

We are at the shore!
Got here yesterday afternoon.
Great to see everyone. Elaine came with wine, and I had plenty enough. To the “I love everybody” stage. So put myself to bed without any supper. 😉
Later Dave brought me dinner-in-bed. Salad, rice and chicken. Yum.

So very happy to be here.
Dan looks great.
It isn’t right how young Suzi looks. She doesn’t age. She is harried but who wouldn’t be what with graduation in three more days. So proud of her.
Sarah is charming of course. Working lots this summer. And she has a boyfriend. Local. Of course. Gotta leave home to discover what you left behind.

I missed seeing Jim and Lisa last night, and will eventually get out of this bed so we can catch up. They are the whirlwinds. Busy travelers. Here and gone and back in the wink of an eye. They “did” NYC yesterday. Dave is having coffee and cinnamon toast with them as we speak.

It was a cool misty day. Went to the boardwalk (ever so briefly) with Jim and Lisa. Mostly to say we saw the ocean. Then the two of us off to Elaine’s. Lunch out, ran errands together, then I was napping at her house while Dave and his mom worked.

I’m so happy its cold.

This evening we all went to Spikes for seafood.
Elaine, Dave, me, Suzi, Dan, Lisa, Jim
I had lobster bisque, then a crab cake, which is pretty rich for me. And it was wonderful.
Tired tired, in bed early again.
Cold air, warm bed, best sleeping ever.

Nite all

2 thoughts on “May 18 Point Pleasant Beach

  1. David & Dolly, I just stumbled on your blog, I’m retired Marine living East Tenn,wife Tana work’s for VA and have 2 dogs, Texas heeler Charlie and Aust Shep Blue. We just bought our 1st Couch 1993 Grandvilla U240. I had never heard of FT until last Jan and after alot of research decided this was the RV I wanted. We Found this one in Concord NC. It is n great shape with some minor issues. I got it for $12000. Everything works except the HWH, panel light up and I can hear something click under carriage. Both heater are new but have yet to figure out how to operate. They both try to light and fan come on but no heat. Also the water pump is not working or missing not sure where it is located. I have chang all filters and fluids except axle. RV has 113000 mile we have camped out one time a couple weeks ago BiG Stone Gap,Va about 100 mile from us my cousin own park, Jessee Lea RV Park. I would like and appreciate it, if you could give advice and share your knowledge of Foretravel and RV ing. I enjoyed reading your blog would like to a plan to go to Branson in future. I plan on up grading this couch and getting familar with short trips, until my wife retires in 3 years. not up to speed on social media. Oh my coach is the same layout as yours. I’m removing the graphic (strips) as they are peeled,cracked and faded. Fiberglass is really oxidized. I can be reached at 423 474-2390. Enjoy yourselves and have safe travels.

    • Wow, so sorry, but we missed your comment way way back in May. We have only been in 28 states, drove 4700 miles on that May/June trip. We then left again, and have been on the road since June 21st, to OK, NM, CO, back to NM for the Balloon Festival, and Carlsbad Caverns, down to TX for a Star Party at Fr. Davis, then Big Bend National Park, and are now near San Antonio.

      Hope you are enjoying your U240, and figured out some of the issues that come with older coaches, and new owners. It can be a steep and long learning curve sometimes. Also hope that you have found the site, and joined the great group, full of knowledgeable owners, and lots of links to more questions than hopefully you might ever have to find answers.

      I sure wish that I had seen your questions 6 months ago, as I might have been able to offer some help. I will send you my cell # now to your phone.

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