Getting TX driver’s license for the coach

In Texas, I got my non CDL Class B license last month, in Cleburne.  I drove the newer heavier 1998 U295 Foretravel to the office for the driving test, they were happy I was there to get the correct non CDL rating.  There is constant confusion on CDL and non CDL license requirements.  It is first weight dependent on the non CDL, C, B and A requirements.  Then whether or not it is a business related driving task, where it is a regular CDL.  We can drive our coaches over 26,001 pounds off the sales lot, but the serivce and sales staff has to have a CDL Class B to drive our coach.  I was legal with my old class C license with the lighter 1993 U225 Foretravel.  I was able to upgrade from a CM (motorcycle) to a BM.

I do see that Michigan has a RV license upgrade for double tow, when you hitch a trailer to the 5th wheel behind the truck, max length 75′, and some weight restrictions.  They call it a Recreation Double.

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