Sold GSA

Sold my GSA yesterday, and it leaves today. For the first time in 15 years I don’t have a bike or 3 in the shop. I stepped into the RV thing 4 years ago with a toyhauler. Carried 1 or 2 bikes, a fun year for sure. Then a Foretravel and towed a trailer with bikes, then a Blue Ox platform lift for a bike and towed car. Now a nicer and newer Foretravel, and now no bike.

We are thinking of more downsizing, and less things with wheels, and maybe no house for a while. Now to sell the Kendon, and the towed little car. To be down to only 3 tags, registrations, and insured vehicles. How weird could that be? No yard, pool, utilities, taxes, then why keep working?

But wait, what about a WR250R on the rear bumper? Maybe just the thing.

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