Dinner in Denton

When we got stopped and parked the coach this afternoon in Denton, Dave stepped out the door and with a sigh of relief said: Aaah. It’s warm.

We had a great dinner with Christy and Kelsey at the LSA burger company. Very cool. Excellent burgers. Dave and I split one and split the fries, the orders are big. Theme is Texas everything.

Kelsey is one of my favorites- bright, quick and always always enthusiastic. Major in marketing, a perfect niche. Christy is a long-standing friend. We caught up a bit in the middle of Kelsey’s busy days of college and extra curricular activities. Kelsey is just like her mom, the one in class who makes the rest of us mere mortals seem like complete slackers. Shes involved in 20 million things on and off campus and gets straight A’s while taking a bigger course load than most. Christy has just as many projects- finished and ongoing.

It seems to me that everyone I know is frenetically busy. Running faster, jumping higher. These are the olympic years. And I am all applause
and secretly hoping they get enough sleep.

After dinner we went to Recycle, used book store. Perfect dessert.

We left Clare in the coach while we went to dinner.
When we got back Dave says to Clare: you don’t know how it pains me to leave you.
Same here.

3 thoughts on “Dinner in Denton

  1. You are so sweet, Dolly! Always the cheerleader of positivity and joy for all your friends! Love times we spend with you and Dave! You both are constantly researching and we are fascinated by all the cool things you find.
    Love you both and Claire, too!
    Looking forward to our next adventure!

  2. Your blog is so cool and always enjoy your humor and love of life! But I am almost too blind to be able to make this reply on my phone. Comment print is so small on phone. Can’t seem to enlarge…can you?
    Oh the joys of getting older… I need to find a magnifying glass…Ah, but how to hold it and type ?!?

    • I don’t have a problem expanding the print. And it works on Dave’s iphone. But I made some changes anyway. See if it works for you now.

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