To Kerrville

Morning bright, clear crisp at 30 degrees but no wind. After a worry over why the fridge was off Dave found a loose wire. Brief breakfast and we were off towards Kerrville.

Stopped at Wildseed farms because it is easy to get the coach in there. I’m daydreaming of bluebonnets in the area between our sidewalk and the street at home. (The city plans on grass)

Then to Buckhorn RV resort. Very nice.elaine-and-clare3 elaine-and-clare2

Dolly: This is the nicest place we’ve been in the coach.

Dave <laughing>: Don’t get used to it.

Signed up for our part of the pot luck dinner tomorrow and we will go to Walmart to get what we need. Adventures at holiday time.

easter-islandDave took us to Easter Island.

stonehengeThen on to Stonehenge stonehenge3





Then he took Elaine and me to shopping in a little artsy area. We saw gorgeous belt buckles for thousands of dollars. An artist’s studio, her work was great, painterly pastels. A jewelry shop… The only thing Elaine didn’t like were the day of the dead characters in an import shop. No te gusta.

Me: are you sure?

Elaine: I’m sure.

End of the day, we were all tired. Dave asleep in bed before the rest of us.  Elaine up reading a bit longer. Clare on Elaine’s bed. I’m on the net at the moment but my computer is nearly out of juice so I’m out too.

Me: Nite nite

Elaine: Roses under your pillow.




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