Getting Hye

At Garrison BrothersFirst stop today, Garrison Brothers Distillery. in Hye Texas.

Brr its cold today. 47 and windy. Bourbon makes it seem a bit warmer.

The process of making bourbon is interesting. It has to be made of more than 50% corn. Can’t have any additives. Has to be aged in new barrels made of American oak. The Garrison Brothers bourbon is made of corn, wheat and barley (malted). Wheat gives it a different flavor than rye would. And Garrison Brothers use organic grains exclusively. The corn and wheat are grown in Texas.  Barley is a cold weather crop that comes from the north, Washington and Canada. Otherwise they would buy barley from Texas.

We got to taste the mash, what they cook up before it gets to the yeast, tastes like the best porridge ever. Quite sweet naturally. I should make it for breakfast regularly. Lets see… 3/4 cup ground corn, 1/8 cup wheat flour, 1/8 cup malt, or something along those lines, cook a bit in filtered rainwater till good and sweet.

Anyway, we enjoyed the tour.  Everyone there has a passion for the product. That makes it fun.

Now we are off to Fredricksburg, Looking for a grocery store, need milk and hazlenut cream for coffee. And lunch at Ratskellers.  12:04 Dave: are you guys hungry yet? Sure we can eat.

Lunch was bratwurst sandwiches with sauerkraut and mustard on a sweet bun. Pretty good but not as good as I remembered. Next time I’m trying the reuben.  Lots of good German food here in Fredricksburg. Our waitress (we’ve had her before), has an alpaca ranch so we caught up with the latest news. New baby alpaca they are having to hand feed. Pictures of her were darling. Wish I had one. But alpacas die if they don’t have others. So I’d have to have two. Or three. Dolly needs a farm.

Sunny and warm enough in the lee of the buildings.

Dave and ClareWalk around Fredricksburg. The square has that whirlygig thing in oversize form. Elaine loves it.

german thingie


Elaine in front of the giant Christmas windmill pyramid.



dogs must be on leash

In the city park, Clare has to be on a leash. Dave’s interpretation.



arrow handrail

Arrows making the handrail up to the church.


Checking out the vineyards on the drive back to the coach. Tons in this area. Might have to stop at one tomorrow. Right now I’m hoping for a nap. But then, I’m always hoping for a nap. 🙂

clarewaits Dave says: Clare waitAt the state park again, we walk down the trail to the falls. It is a Texas size version of Johnson Shutins in Missouri according to Elaine and Dave.  It is a fairly steep trail and Elaine takes to walking a zig zag course to get back up the hill to the car.  She is a trooper.

clare-on-wallI get my nap while Dave and Elaine watch for deer.  Early to bed this evening. It is going to be cold. Expecting overnight low of 29. We do have sunshine, but it’s winter in Texas.

Pictures will follow tomorrow. Too slow a connection to make them happen today.








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