odds and ends

old mesquite tree

old mesquite tree

There are a couple of huge mesquite trees at the mission. Honey mesquite. Its a pest on ranchlands, cattle get into thickets of mesquite and cant be forced out. It’s thorny. Not a good shade tree. Old branches are deceptive, look sturdy but are brittle. Not safe for climbing.


It’s called” honey mesquite” because the beans are edible and sweet. Good source of protein. Elaine bought us some mesquite bean jelly at Wildseed farms.

So. Not all is lost.



Agave is ubiquitous here as well. Lots of it used for landscaping. One place had several of them in front with a Christmas ball on the tip end of each leaf. Looked like great big jester’s hats.

I wish I had a picture for you.

river-rockAt the frio river, there was a bed of tumbled river rock. I picked up one for my collection. (Dave hates this, shades of Lucy and the long trailer) It was about potato sized. By the time I got to the car my hand was frozen and wouldn’t open without help. Cold day, solid cold limestone…

So of course I went back and got a second one for Tammy. 🙂

Later, Dave found them in  the floorboard of the car and put them out on the camp table. Hoping I would forget them.
As if.

A friend said but where are the pictures of you Dolly? I’m taking the pictures so I’m not really there. Well, I’m not all here normally.

Here is one of me in the coach the other night.


Dolly rarely has a good time.


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  1. I’m loving all the posts of your adventures and wishing so much I could be with you all!! Love it down at Port A! And next time we see you we get to play Mexican Train!!

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