Morning at Garner

We are heading out but first I want a stop at the dam in the park.


Typical of the low dams in the hill country.



Yesterday Dave said there is a big tree, probably 24 feet around. I make him measure it today. It comes to 23’8″ Dave’s a good guesser.

Smile Dave

Smile Dave

While I am taking his picture, Dave is talking. I say stop talking and smile, he keeps talking, and I say hey, stop talking so I can get a good picture of you. He does. Then I turn and there is this woman walking away with two little dogs wearing orange and yellow life jackets. Dave says: that’s what I was telling you!
I should listen. It was a funny scene and I missed it on camera.

scotty-trailerSaw a cute little camper called a Scotty.  I love little trailers.

They have their flag out, and striped awning. Pink wheel. It’s perfect.

last-supper-on-airconOn the air conditioner is the last supper.



Overlooking the frio