Lost Maples state park

Drive to Lost Maples state park. Winding roads reminds me why the guys like to ride here on motorcycles. Saw only three. It’s overcast and cool.
We are here long after fall color so the lost maples are truly lost. But an occasional oak manages to shine.

No artificial color added

No artificial color added


At the park store Elaine gets a walking stick. Good thing as we walk along gravel trail in the park.

water-crossings clare-crossing-in-waterWe get to see the low water crossings closer.

elaine-dave3 dave-elaine1 dave-elaine-clare elaine-dave-ahead

dave-elaine-go-on-aheadI head back to the car. Elaine is tough and continues on with Dave and Clare.

ball moss

ball moss

Lots to see, ball moss nearly covers some trees. ball-moss-2Its even on the power lines back in town. The cedars (juniper) are immune. Texas mountain laurel is so green.


Soft grass


thinking gin or ginever


tough tree hangs on

birds-lost-maplesBird song and nothing else till people come round the corner. Its surprisingly busy with hikers today.

mill-creek-cafeOn to Leakey TX. Population 425. Not leak-y but lake-y.
Tho our waitress says its been leak-ey the last few days. Leaky in lake-y. 🙂

Lunch is chicken fried steaks for all three of us. Dinner. Not lunch. Good salad bar. Dave points out I won’t have room for pie. Yes. That’s the price I pay.


This isn’t on our list of approved foods. Don’t think. Just eat.



Elaine says: Did anyone see the vegetable plate on the menu?
Me: I heard ‘chicken fried steak’ and my mind went blank.

Outside there is a beeeg Tonka truck.