in bed

In bed. Don’t want to get up. Dinner out tonight with my mil. So I’ll do it. But really really want to stay in bed till tomorrow morning. <heavy sigh>
I’ll be fine. Just complaining.
These are times when I wish I had an iron man suit.


better. I tend to be happy if I get enough rest and rotten when tired. So in any 24 hour period I run the gamut.


Driving through the traffic Dave notes: too many people.
Me: yes. I think of myself as a city girl. I like all the services. But not all the trouble and traffic. I’d be good in a post apocalypse, dystopic future. – walk in the stores, take what you want….
Dave: probably shouldn’t share that with everyone.



flowers in her hair

Last night dinner at blue moon restaurant. The Dorset cheese was the best. I had fiddlehead salad with skate. And splurged on a cocktail – gin with infusion of local violets and lilac – called “flowers in her hair’ Dolly goes native.

I’ve only read about fiddlehead ferns so I wanted to try it. The skate was so mild and cut thin in the salad. Light. I think of shark as meaty, heavier, very much like a good steak – you know?
Skate was a bit like scallops for mild flavor. Between lobster and crab in texture. I’d never seen it on a menu before either.

As I was eating, picking out the individual flavors was tricky- because every part was delicate. The dish as a whole was light, occasionally salty, fresh, with good crunch, soft and delicate. Every bite different. A dish to remember.


I had chowdah earlier for lunch. 😉

Steamers tonight

Sweet, tender, salty, yum!

steamers in NH steamers 2
We are on the pond at our friend’s house in NH. It’s lovely here.
Earlier today we picked up plenty of live clams and lobsters. Fresh out of tanks from a local fisherman. His place is at the end of a neighborhood, you’d never find it without local knowledge. He was one of those typical new englanders, not an extra word. Just the minimum.

Lisa is a great cook. Always a feast. Tonight – with lobsters and twice baked potatoes and acorn squash with maple syrup…. oh my
I can’t wait for dinner.

The gods are good. Here in New Hampshire.

May 18 Point Pleasant Beach

We are at the shore!
Got here yesterday afternoon.
Great to see everyone. Elaine came with wine, and I had plenty enough. To the “I love everybody” stage. So put myself to bed without any supper. 😉
Later Dave brought me dinner-in-bed. Salad, rice and chicken. Yum.

So very happy to be here.
Dan looks great.
It isn’t right how young Suzi looks. She doesn’t age. She is harried but who wouldn’t be what with graduation in three more days. So proud of her.
Sarah is charming of course. Working lots this summer. And she has a boyfriend. Local. Of course. Gotta leave home to discover what you left behind.

I missed seeing Jim and Lisa last night, and will eventually get out of this bed so we can catch up. They are the whirlwinds. Busy travelers. Here and gone and back in the wink of an eye. They “did” NYC yesterday. Dave is having coffee and cinnamon toast with them as we speak.

It was a cool misty day. Went to the boardwalk (ever so briefly) with Jim and Lisa. Mostly to say we saw the ocean. Then the two of us off to Elaine’s. Lunch out, ran errands together, then I was napping at her house while Dave and his mom worked.

I’m so happy its cold.

This evening we all went to Spikes for seafood.
Elaine, Dave, me, Suzi, Dan, Lisa, Jim
I had lobster bisque, then a crab cake, which is pretty rich for me. And it was wonderful.
Tired tired, in bed early again.
Cold air, warm bed, best sleeping ever.

Nite all

Sat May 15

Today (sat)
9:30 am Frying Dutchman Donut Shop
236 W Main St, Kutztown, PA 19530
(484) 661-6454

Geez a review: ” I love finding little gems like the “Frying Dutchman”. The donuts are not the heavy cake variety, but rather light, if you will. The variety is terrific, but you must try the maple. Awesome. Wait, so is the Snicker’d, and the piña colada, and the butterfinger, and the honey glazed,and the……oh, you get the point.”

6:00 pm Boston’s in Allentown
327 Star Road
Allentown, PA 18106

Hope tha’ts right

meeting friends

So I am a mess. No one should have me do any sort of tracking.
We are in Kutztown tonight. And tomorrow night. And that’s Fri and Sat night right? So dinner Sat night is a go?

… Looks like Boston, the restaurant at the hotel is only about 15 minutes from Kutztown. So I am thinking we meet there Sat. Night. How about 6 pm? I know you thought you might get to us later but since it’s at your hotel does 6 pm work? We can all talk about Sunday lunch then and what locale makes sense for all. Posting Boston directions and website next here.


Mothers don’t let your girls grow up to wear glitter…
That stuff is tenacious. I can’t get it off. Read that some women wrap their fingers in acetone and foil! Aak!
So I’m picking at it. Glitter everywhere.
Shadeglitter purses of cat in the hat


I was just moving it from one area to another.
Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners.