Branson Saturday

Breakfast in the coach this morning for 6.
A big beautiful spread:
Taquitos – potatoes, onion, scrambled eggs, cheese, and a variety of salsas all wrapped in tortillas (or “tarpaulions” as we call them)
Fruit salad
Toast if wanted, with variety of jams and jellies.
Orange juice, coffee

Dave made it all.
well, I “made” the coffee

Our friends from St Louis- Bill and Jeanne,
Lee and Tammy from home, and us.
Telling stories from the way back. Trips, sailing together. Lee is one of the best people for telling stories. Along with Dave. They remember the best stuff.
Laughing and scratching.
It was great

I felt good enough to do the dishes afterwards. I love doing the dishes. My hands get warm, the smell of soap, everything all clean and shiny.

Now technically it’s naptime. So I’m cheating on the net. 😉

Later we are going to the Titanic.
Seems appropriate to me.

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