xmas pics

Christmas day. Dave fixes the cable tv so Elaine can watch the news in the evening. Took a bit tracing down the problem, It works!

Elaine gave us a set of dominoes so we can play Mexican train. My niece Jessica who loves to unwrap things would have loved it. A cellophane wrapped box, in a case, in a box in cellophane, dominoes in another cellophane wrapped box, then wrapped in separate bundles. 🙂

Dinner at 4:00 in the barn at the resort. Great food and interesting company. People from Nebraska, Iowa, England. Dessert galore.

Dinner in the red barn

Dinner will be in the red barn



Dave making the cable work

Dave making the cable work


Clare on lookout



unboxing Mexican train set

xmas dinner room

xmas dinner

where the deer and the antelope wear hats

Where the deer and the antelope wear hats