windsurf lessons

Have taught more people to windsurf than I care to remember. Number 1 is get lessons, and learn to do it the easy and correct way from the first minutes on the water. We sold boards and gave lessons, and had our clients sailing in minutes and they could enjoy the first hours on the water. We watched macho guys try and fail, but taught their girlfriends or wive’s in short order. Women learn quickly, as they listen and don’t have the strength to do things wrong or the hard way.

Steady winds and smooth water are also keys to developing the early skill set needed for waves, higher winds and shorter boards and water starts because the boards are too small to float you.

Rent first, and several times to know you really want to take on another money sucking, time needed, traveling, and equipment rich sport. Then go have the time of your life. Kitesailing will be the next chapter after, with even more money, equipment, and hours of fun.

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