Sewing machines

Yesterday Dave took me out shopping. Saw a sewing machine store so we stopped in.
Its so fun to see new tools. Stuff I didnt know anything about.
I asked as I always do about new machines. And took home a brochure of the latest dream. Its only 16 thousand dollars.
Thats more than my first brand new car in 1970.
Dave wants to know what kind of mileage it gets.

Double lol. Its more than my first car by 10 times. Dave corrects my math.

I always ask about sewing machines that hook up to the computer. The idea being that someday you could design it there, then stitch it out. The problem is “digitizing” the pattern. A line drawing such as quilted lines is not so bad, but the fill- stitch density, length etc. Its mostly tedious work. And worth it only if you ‘re going into production of multiples. I want the software to simplify the process
That said, the sewing world isn’t there yet.

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