red light issues

My main route home is 3 lanes east and 3 west, center median, 45 mph speed limits, with a separate last left turn lane set of lights into the neighborhood does not trip with my bikes. Years past I arrived at the intersection and the traffic control workers had the box open. We talked and they set the light to trip with the bike I was riding. Years have passed and someone has reset the light, and it no longer sees any of my bikes.

Now I try to watch to see if I might have a car behind me to trip the light as I come to a stop. If not, I just go straight thru, ride about a 1/4 mile east to a opening in the median, and make a u-turn to go west. Then come back and turn right to go north 2 blocks to my house. Problem with not tripping the light and stopping, means I need to make a right turn now across 3 east bound lanes to go south, not smart. Then I need a u-turn back north to the light, that will not trip either. But then I can take another right on red to go east, do the u-turn in the median to go west. Now going west I can make a right on red to go north. Real pain in the rear, but with 3 rights on red I can get home when I can’t make one left turn.

I have started making an earlier left turn thru the median, and then cut thru private parking lots to get to my street. Not better or safer, or legal, maybe?

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