New year’s eve

They said on the news this morning that fireworks are illegal in the city and if anyone heard anything they should call the police at this number. Oh sure, like that’s going to happen.

We go on to the riverwalk early afternoon. New years is a big celebration in San Antonio.

on street above river walk

on street above river walk

new venture

New venture

On our way to the river walk Dave sees this meter thing on the street. And he says: hey, great idea! That’s what we need. I say: Yes, we could put one next to the mailbox for anyone to use. Dave: Oh, we should have dozens, put them all over town.

It’s our latest venture.



river-walkWe get to the riverwalk early to see the lights this evening. Fun but very cold today. The best deal was 99 cent hot chocolate at one of the bars along the way.




Walked into a chocolate store. We each got a piece of candied ginger dipped in chocolate. It was great!



reflected lights in the river


Me in the mirror-window

Me in the mirror-window


Elaine with her Happy new year’s headband

Ended up at Boudreaux for their guacamole before it got dark.

Prickly pear margarita

Prickly pear margarita

Elaine and Dave had the prickly pear margaritas which were so pretty! Sweet, made with pureed prickly pear.

Guacamole was made at our table. Most excellent. They added orange juice with the lime. Hint of sweetness.

We were home early. I’m chilled.

I was in bed by 6:30 but then up again at 9 because of the fireworks. I’ve never heard such fireworks. Ever. It was like living in a popcorn popper at the 2 minute mark.  Noise till long after midnight.  The police didn’t have a chance. 🙂

We woke up again at midnight and if we had been willing to get dressed again we could have seen the fireworks in downtown from outside the coach. Instead we peeked out the window then went back to sleep.

San Antonio is a great place for New Years eve. If I had known I would have paced myself better. Next year.