Card playing in Paradise

Today I kept trying to get a walk in with Elaine, but it kept raining on us. Mist and rain off and on all day.  Only the occasional blue sky peeking through. We’d go out, thinking it was ok, then it would start raining harder. Duck back into the coach.

So, we made the best of it and Elaine taught me card games. “Liverpool rummy” is my current favorite. “Spite and Malice” which I have to practice as I keep losing to her. And “hand and foot.” We played cards so long my thumbs were sore from shuffling. So we change to dominos for a bit. Partly so I can win something. Elaine is a wicked card player. I can happily play all day long so it was paradise for me.

Then evening with 9 people at Wayne and Linda’s new to them airstream trailer parked next to us. Drinks and nibbles and stories. All in all good times.

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