Breakfast of champions

breakfastMimosas and taquitos,  coffee and doughnuts for dessert for the birthday kids.


turkey-trafficWhile we watched the turkeys in traffic on the front lawn, and the weather change every five minutes.


Eventually we flanged up and returned to Port A for dinner and birthday cake while overlooking the Lydia Ann channel. Its a rough life.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast of champions

  1. First, Happy Birthday to your traveling guest. Second it is cold: -10. Just got out of jammies into fleece pants and “house boots”.
    Still not really warm so paused to assemble an eggnog with a dollop of JD. Guy on radio says it is 0, but he is located in a busy area of city. News this a.m. gave wind chill as -35 right after I got up. Weather record valleys or peaks really don’t make my day nor night. No weather station in MN, MI nor WI recorded a temp over 0 today – how about Green Bay for Superbowl? Happy travels.

    • Elaine says superbowl is going to freeze their a**es off. We were gloating over our weather earlier, but it is cold here on the coast today. Nearly freezing.

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