B33 Evening

The drive to the B33 was easy with Linda leading the way. I just followed her like a puppy dog.

wind turbines

wind turbines near Gregory TX

Near Gregory there is a huge windfarm with hundreds of wind turbines. I kept trying to take a picture of the windmills in the sunset, they look so graceful.



Dinner with the six of us. Wayne and Linda are the best of hosts. Wayne cooked corn on the cobb and chicken on the grill. Dave got potato salad and coleslaw. Along the way we realize the second refrigerator was off. Moving food out of that freezer into the main one and so sad, a gallon of bluebell ice cream is now liquid. Tammy saw me pouring the last of it down the drain and yelped. “We could always drink it!” Too late.

Tammy is a terror where ice cream is concerned. 🙂 And bluebell is her favorite.

Dinner was great. Conversation even better. Lee tells the best stories.  And we had rocky road ice cream for dessert, so Tammy was even happier.

Conversations at the table still going. I’m off to bed. Life is grand.

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