The towed (toad)

tow-carThis is our tow car. Saturn station wagon. Or as Dave calls it – “the toad”. Which to me sounds like he can’t speak English.

It’s a dark green as all good toads want to be. It’s little. And it owes us nothing. I think we paid under 2K for it. Runs fine. Fantastic gas mileage, when it is on it’s own 24 -38 mpg. Perfect for batting around town.

It also has great window tint all around which seems like a lot of style to add for a nothing car, but tint is needed in this heat. Car wearing sunglasses. Is that our car behind those Foster Grants? She has a bit of a sunburn, some peeling paint on the driver’s door. But I figure that means she is less likely to be messed with. A secret jewel. Good little green station wagon. Lots of cargo space and room for the dog. What more could you want.

Now if Dave would quit calling it a toad.



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