documents, manuals, maintance lists, dates of service, upgrades

36′ Foretravel motorcoach, U225 1993





Here is a time line of work, service and upgrades, from 1st, 2nd, and our ownership. (note the coach is now under it’s fourth owners)

6/94 – Cummins-Pac Brake, install Valve Springs

Second owner’s list:

5/13/2007 – Cummins- 83,076, General inspection, replaced transmission fluid, oil change, chassis lube, replaced oil filters, fuel filters, air filter, transmission filter

6/19/2008 – Cummins-87,496, Fixed exhaust leaks, replaced exhaust manifold gasket, air compressor and turbo gaskets.  New thermostat, new belts, oil and lube, replaced turbo gasket, and broken bolt, welded exhaust pipe.

6/202008 – 2 new steering tires and alignment

1/14/2009 – Foretravel – welded on new shock brackets, repaired windshield rock chips, re-sealed windshield for air noise, and water leakage, flushed radiator and replaced antifreeze, repaired hydraulic leaks.

1/16/2009 – Foretravel – Replaced right and left drag links, ball joints and passenger tie road end, aligned front end.

3/17/2009 – Interstate Batteries – 2 starting batteries, (tested 6/11 good), and one 4D (since removed and replaced 6/11 with 2 8D’s)

6/10/2009 – Lloyd’s Radiator- Pulled and cleaned radiator, checked hoses and replaced water pump

8/14/2009 – HWH – Replaced leveling system hydraulic pump

10/16/2009 – Replaced weather seal on front window

12/6/2009 – Replaced 4 rear tires, Goodyear, still on coach today

12/28/2009 – Replaced hallway ceiling light, inside door handle and caulked passenger front cap seal

3/18/2010 – HWH/FMCA – replaced passenger rear jack warning switch to repair auto leveling system

10/4/2010 – replaced outside door handle and latch

3/?/2011 – Repaired front furnace.

Additionally, done by second owner, installed new flat screen tv upgrade, am/fm/cd upgrade, replaced the propane refrigerator, replaced the fresh water pump under couch. Dates of these replacements unknown.

Sold to us the 3rd owner, see the list below:

Replace hot water heater control board
Replace rear clearance lights
Replaced wipers
Remove bad propane safety valve that leaked
Texas State inspection #1

Replace CO2/propane detector
Repair left front docking light wire, (broken)   D2
Install bed slide drawer in cargo bay   D2
Installed closet door clothes hooks, 3

Replace house batteries, 2 – 8D’s  AGM’s, cleaned all cable ends, removed batteries and washed compartment and lid
Replace D2  governor, was over pressuring system, spare in parts
Added mud dabbed screens to both furnaces and water heater

Replace refer. drain hose, old
Replace vacuum filter on vacuum motor, spares on board, plus bags
Wash and wax detailing (Port A)
Washed AC filters, 2 units
Replaced ft.  main awning support arm
Replace main awning lock pin, ft.

Replaced door bell lighted button
Built and installed battery trickle charger for engine batteries D5
Installed  broom, & awning hook hanger tube in storage  bay P2
Replace ignition solenoid, dash
Install 600 watt inverter for passenger with dash switch
Repaired  wet bay 12 volt light
Changed coach air hose to quick disconnect end, for chuck & blower, air tools, P1

Label things, switches and fuses
Install chrome license plate trim ring on rear plate
Vinyl covered the 110 volt circuit box cover in wood grain to hide it
Replace Bendix air drier, was the original, constant popping off
Label spotlight switch positions

True Track Truck Service # 1
Replaced engine air filter
Oil and filter changed
Replaced both (two) fuel filters
Replaced coolant filter

Engine & radiator detailing
Pads on rattles at idle then in gear
Cruise control now works after engine detailing (why ?)
Replaced Florescent bulbs needed in bedroom, driver side
Replaced 110 volt  engine preheat switch cover plate and labeled

True Track Truck Service #2
Replaced left back up bulb
Balanced front tires
Lube and adjust front bearings
Replaced fuel filter base on engine, (nipple cross threaded, loose)
Replaced engine oil switch on filter/cooler bracket top, leaking
Replaced cross tube bracket, on coolant pipe

Replace engine temp sender on engine, false high readings
Build & install storage wagon tray D2, moves with drawer from P2
Wash and wax detailing (Port A)
Replaced water filter cartridge on water hose filter
Replaced trailer light plug socket

Repaired  screen door holder lock
Replaced front tires (Nacogdoches)
Repaired generator “run/on” dash  light
Re glued stove cover seam

Foretravel of Texas service trip #1
Front end alinement, (was out)
New skylight double lens, in/out
New lighted “Foretravel” grab handle
Replaced both grab handle mounting base gaskets
Replaced “Boost” switch on dash
Replaced  light bulb in “aux lights” switch on dash
Replaced TV antenna head

TX state inspection # 2
Replaced entry door white keeper
Installed drink holder driver side wall
Installed fire extinguish in storage P2
Replaced rock guard, rubber and SS “Foretravel” (recycled parts)
Replaced ignition solenoid with BlueSea 250 amp
Removed door locking slide pin
Installed dash cover hinged support

Foretravel  of Texas trip #2
Rear bulkhead repaired, (16 hucks)
Replaced Touch Module for the lighted assist handle and porch light

Removed bath carpet,  installed tile
Installed new longer fresh water tank overflow drain hose, ft. grill
Installed trash bag holder under sink
Installed towel bar in wet bay
Caulked bath top & shower seams
Removed old window tint
Installed new window tint, plus windshield tint plus header band
Washed window screens

Installed 75 Amp converter in bay  D2, that I killed!
Installed new  Everpur drinking H2O filter cartridge under sink
AC serviced, added 2, 11 oz., R134, cleared bubbles  mostly in sight glass
Installed D cell flashlight holder @ door entry wall
Installed “Hot Rod” 120 volt electric in hot water tank drain, switch is under sink
Washed coach and roof

Installed coach air brake line for toad brake system. (M&E)
Replaced AC vacuum pump, new larger vibration dampeners, and painted the mounting base, grill

Rebuilt lf. Ft. HWH jack, was leaking @ 2″ shaft seal

Checked fluids and air before trip
Re-mounted TV on swing up mount system, love not hitting my head!
Mounted motorcycle hitch carrier, 2 new 2″ receivers added, wired 12 volt power

Set air pressure in accumulator tank @ 15#
Cleaned engine/radiator/underside
Installed engine vent tube catch bottle
Repaired bed deck lock
Corrected loose clamp on cooler tube at cross over pipe rr top of engine
Saturn inspected
Checked fluids and air
Topped off propane

Found engine battery lead @ battery, to dash, loose, (would not restart after lunch)
Installed 3 double brass hanging hooks on bedroom walls, P&D
Washed coach once in Port A trip #1

Installed teak acc. rack by chair
Washed coach 3 times in Port A, trip #2, from roof down as leaving.

Rewired hitch carrier to toad plug
Installed LED lights on hitch carrier
Installed 2 power strips on bed walls
Installed power strip on galley wall between valances
Installed new Humphrey valve seal in PAC Brake, it works
Tightened coolant hose clamp, drive’s side top rear, hose to tube
Installed new TX registration
Replace 2 compartment lights P2, D2, (spare in parts)

Checked all fluids and air
Texas State inspection #3

Known nits, (and these were this way two years ago):

Spot light works, tilts, but does not rotate
Remote engine start inoperable at rear panel

<b>Upgrades or replaced components by the second owner prior to 4/2011 and our purchase.</b>

Rear tires, 2009, (new fronts, 4/2012)

12v Proscan LCD HD TV with DVD-2009, swing up mounting added 2012

New 2 door Dometic propane/120v electric refrigerator, 2007

Dash air conditioner compressor, 2007

Sony stereo/cd with remote, new front and rear speakers, 2008

SeeLevel ll, tank gauges, 2009

Silent onboard water pump, 2009

Reupholstered couch/sleeper, 2009

Internal radiator inspection, and new coolant, 2009

Engine water pump, 2009

Window screens, right side, 2009, grass hoppers ate them!

Auxiliary front radiator for hot weather cooling assistance, 2010

Engine compressor regulator, (D2), 2008, and D2, 2011

Thetford residential style porcelain toilet, 2010

Wipers, 4/2011

Rear clearance lights, 5, 2/2011

Tile floors in bath, 2012

Replaced the rubber rock guard with newer rubber and SS “Foretravel” unit on D links